The Weekend

I’m just now getting around to writing about last weekend due to a pretty crazy week, but it was so great that I couldn’t just leave it unsaid!

First, let’s start with Saturday.  It was mostly sunny and just plain beautiful. I love how the Lord has been blessing us with beautiful weekends. The morning started off with outreach and I had the privilege of partnering up with one of the teen girls. I love our teens so much and I am excited to get to know them even better as we prepare to go to Mexico together at the end of the summer.

In the afternoon I played wallyball with some friends. It’s been so long! First, a little background. Bro. Benjamin Hall is here from Lehigh Valley Baptist Church to do some training in our church for the month of May.  We got a group together and headed off to the gym to play a game (or four) of wallyball and I hope we haven’t scared him off! 🙂 But it was great fun. Wouldn’t you know, at the start I was the only one who knew how to play but by the end I was the only one who hadn’t won a game!! Haha…..I think round two is on the way so that can change. 🙂

Sunday morning arrived, and with it, the ordination of a new pastor.  BBC Oak Harbor now has the privilege of calling two men “Pastor”.  The Lord has blessed us tremendously with wise leaders who take their responsibility before God seriously.  Men who consult the Word above any of man’s opinions and are not afraid to stand strong for its doctrines and teachings.  I hope we’ll never take it for granted!  Even though we were exhausted by the end of the day, it was SUCH a joyous time for the entire church. One of those sink-into-the-chair-with-a-huge-smile-on-your-face moments. 😀  After the afternoon service we headed to Rebecca’s recital.  Video coming soon……

(Pictures by Linnea Rawls)