New Things

Life would be boring if it always stayed the same, if we were never challenged with changes or introduced to new things, no matter how little.

I’ll start small and work into things….
I’ve discovered this new tea that’s just amazing!  It sounds like a weird combination……Peach and Ginger…..but it’s a delicious mix of fruit and spice.  I have to admit that I’ve been a little overloaded on the coffee as of late so in my efforts to diminish that intake I’ve turned to drinking tea (other than morning… is still nice then!).   Are there any teas that YOU could recommend??

ADJUDICATIONS!  This was a VERY growing experience for me as a teacher.  I’ve never participated in Adjudications as a student, let alone as a teacher putting in my students.  Everyone worked SO hard to prepare their pieces and it really paid off! I was encouraged by their efforts and their SUCCESS!

For those who are unfamiliar with Adjudications, let me explain.  I am part of the Washington State Music Teacher Association (which is under the MTNA) and I have the opportunity to put my students into adjudications. Each of the students prepare two pieces from memory to play for the Adjudicator (a professional pianist and teacher). The adjudicator evaluates the good points and the points that need some help. She encourages the students and kindly shows them ways they could improve their pieces.  Because I’m a student teacher, my teacher came to listen as well.  At the end, I played and was evaluated the same way.  Then I was able to have a conference with the Adjudicator to get input based on what she heard from my students. In all it was a lot of work but WORTH it in so many ways.

And last but NOT least……

please scroll down……

Someone kindly donated a beautiful grand piano to our church!!  I have been praying for this for some time (along with many others in our church). I don’t know why I was so surprised when God gave it so us so simply!  Worshiping the Lord today with the rich sound of that piano was just incredible. God is SO good!