LVBC Teen Offspring Production

Need your humor bone adjusted, well, Doctor Papa Peter is in the house along with a slew of almost 30 other teens all performing to give their parents a movie they will never forget.

Driving Scene with BriarJust a few weeks ago Chris Gable tossed me the idea of working with Jon Hammett to create a teen video and in the process teach Jon how to develop a storyline and add to his great video editing skills by creating a video for the Parent Appreciation night which the teens would be hosting the Saturday following Valentines Day.
That idea didn’t take much to peak my interest, but I immediately felt pressure since I had to develop a storyline from scratch, include almost 30 teens to be in the video and find a location which would work so I wouldn’t be carting teens around the town.

One night during the service as I watched Pastor Roland preach…. THE IDEA HIT ME! I began creating a storyline and refined it with the excellent help of Alayna Follett and Jon Hammett and then presented it to the teens who absolutely loved it from the start. I officially presented  it in Sunday School a week before we would film and was immediately  bombarded daily that week with hundreds of ideas to sift through. I kept encouraging them to discuss the workable ideas with their groups which the scenes were divided into and slowly I saw the video begin to come together.
Recording Alec at the Chiropractor Scene As hard as I tried the Sunday night before we would record I couldn’t sleep. My mind kept me hostage till  4 as I kept playing back how I would organize so many teens, and keep them from being frustrated and bored so their shots would have energy. I decided in order to do that I would need Selena to help me manage the teens on set and Chris and Jackie could watch and work with the those at the church.

I had 4 hours and no more to record every single clip I would need from my rough draft of a script. I can tell you that I was flat worn out by the end of that day and for the next three days Jon Hammett and I edited as much as we had time in order to finish the whole video before I left for WA on Thursday. Well, IT’s DONE!!!

I hope you enjoy the final product! I believe you’ll get a CRACK out of it 😉

“A merry heart doeth good like a medicine:”
Proverbs 17:22