Lavender and Bell

I hoped to have something extraordinary to blog about on my 200th post. Hmm…..I’ll just tell you about my Monday. πŸ˜‰

Busy as usual, I was able to accomplish quite a few things. I got a good head start on a rather large printing project that’s set for this week. With only one minor setback, I’m hoping to finish it in record time! If you’re at all familiar with the thickness of “Manuscript Evidence” you may be skeptical…..but I AM determined. πŸ™‚

The thought occurred to me yesterday that our lavender may be ready to harvest — our lavender that we planted several years ago and is finally producing a good size harvest! Last year, since I was in Thailand I missed the harvest so no dried lavender for us. I barely caught it this time! I absolutely LOVE the dark shade of the Hidcote Blue lavender. Definitely my favorite variety.

The evening concluded with a FABULOUS concert featuring violinist Joshua Bell. I have been wanting to see Joshua Bell live in concert for years now, so to finally have the opportunity was incredible! It was actually a late birthday present for Christopher, but he confirmed my thoughts… was worth the wait. A few months ago I was listening to the classical music station (at a time I wouldn’t normally) and I happened to hear them mention that Joshua Bell would be in Bellingham! *Gasp!* He usually only comes to Seattle and the tickets are outrageous. Well… can’t beat $30 tickets at the Mt. Baker Theatre in Bellingham! I know….I was shocked myself. And of course, the place was sold out. πŸ™‚

This is a piece that Joshua Bell performed last night. It was unbelievable! His music nearly brings me to tears, it’s so beautiful.

Well, my blog may continue to remain quiet in the coming month or so. I am preparing to go as a counselor to youth camp next week and I am SO looking forward to that! Β Then….take a breath……I’ll have a weekend to prepare for a lengthy trip to Mexico. More about that later.