How to Get Things Done – The Caffeinated Way

Did I mention that we like strong coffee? None of this colored water stuff! (If you like your coffee light, you probably won’t like the Moka Express.) The Moka express is a stovetop espresso maker used in the traditional Italian style. We have a 9-cup pot and it makes two regular sized coffee cups of espresso. (Yes…we drink it all!)

The Moka Express is super easy to use and comes in three parts. It is made of aluminum so it will go through a process of “seasoning” over time of use. (hence the somewhat dirty look. It IS clean. 🙂

First you insert filtered water into the bottom chamber and fill to the indicated line. Then insert the aluminum filter and fill with coarsely ground coffee (we prefer freshly ground coffee).

Finally, screw the upper chamber onto the bottom chamber with filter and place on stovetop. The time will vary according to your stovetop, but you will know it is finished when you hear it bubbling. You might want to stay close because it happens quite suddenly! And, Voila! The coffee percolates to the top chamber.

And there you have it! A smooth and rich cup of espresso.
Ready to be topped with whipped cream! Well…that’s how WE like to drink it.