Hi! And Welcome!

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Hi there! You might be wondering what this new blog I mentioned is all about, and why even start something “new”? I’m glad you asked! 😉

First, let me reintroduce myself for those who may be new here. My name is Alyssa and when my husband and I first started this blog we were newly engaged. Seems like a long time ago! (Even though it’s only been 2 1/2 years.) I’m a wife who loves homemaking and a soon-to-be Mommy who can’t wait to meet her little girl (in April!). My other names come in the form of piano teacher, voice teacher, friend, lover of music (duh!), lover of coffee (uh huh!), and lover of God. You can read my testimony HERE of what God has done in my life to bring me to having a relationship with Him. What a great God and friend He is!

Now that you’ve learned a wee bit about who the person is on this side of the blog, I will tell you a little more about what you can expect (Lord willing) from my blog up and coming.

I’ve titled this “blog within a blog” Each Step I Take. As I sat pondering the purpose behind my writing, I couldn’t ignore the fact of God’s goodness to me in my life and my excitement to share that with others. His grace in my life has been overwhelming! He has allowed me to learn so much, and while I could spend some time blogging about personal accomplishments, I would be lying if I failed to mention my inability to do them without His help.

Every day He grows me. Every day I learn something new that allows me to become a better daughter of the King, wife to my husband, and soon-to-be mother to my children. It’s a process! And it takes many small steps. So while I won’t be posting EACH step of growth that I take in life, I do plan to share with you ways that God is directing my steps and teaching me new things: both spiritually and physically.

You will find posts coming from three different categories each week (again…Lord willing!).

A Devoted Day:
We need to spend EACH day in devotion to God. While I won’t be posting from this category every single day, I will weekly be sharing things the Lord is teaching me through His Word and ways that He is drawing me closer to Him. My prayer is that it will encourage you in your spiritual life as well!

Kitchen Keeper:
Here you will find my favorite room in my house: my kitchen! Look for recipes, tools, and tips that will help you in your endeavors to whip up a meal for your family each day.

Happy Homemaker:
God has given us ladies a beautiful task of being a help meet to our husbands and a homemaker for our families. In this category you will see different projects that I’m learning how to do (or how not to do!!…oops), books that I’m reviewing, as well as cleaning and organizing tips.

Join me for the ride as I take steps of growth this year. May each step YOU take be directed by Him!