Maesa Elephant Camp

Today I went with Pookie and Klo to visit Maesa Elephant Camp here in Chiang Mai.  Before I left I was told my someone…..ahem…..that I have to show a picture of me riding an elephant. So you know….I was just being the obedient daughter.  (Oops did I let the cat out of the bag?) It was SUCH a fun time.  … Read More

Practical Lessons for Living in Thailand (Part 2)

Number Eleven (siyp-et):  Don’t be surprised if the security officer bags your groceries and sort of walks you out at the grocery store.  It’s not because you’re a farang. That’s just what they do. (I was a bit confused the first time!) Number Twelve (siyp-song):  Never, ever leave any food out on the counter for more than five minutes.  You … Read More


So I’ve been a little off the radar the last week when it comes to blogging.  Well, here’s something interesting to write about!!  For the past several days Thailand has been experiencing significant rainfall over the entire country.  Naturally, after so much rain, flooding is to be expected.  It finally started yesterday we noticed the river in our village rising … Read More

New Favorites and Old Favorites

Here are some new things that I’ve come to love and some old things that I am SO glad are available here….even if they do look different. hehe Passion Fruit…..absolutely delicious! Now I can understand why it’s called PASSION fruit. 🙂 Old favorite….Cheetos! Haha….Thai style. Actually no. If it were Thai style it would either be fish flavored or have … Read More

Doi Suthep

I apologize about my lapse in writing.  I have been very busy, then I was sick for a few days.  I’ve also been really pondering how to write this post because it’s something that was so…..eye-opening to me.   I don’t think that anything I write here could really help you picture it as well as you would experiencing it yourself.  But … Read More