• The Hall Family Stats

    I completed my training at Lehigh Valley Baptist Bible Institute in 2011. We were married in 2013 and have been blessed with three children, Chloe (3) and Gideon (2) and Silas was born in May 2018

  • Why Are You in Thailand?

    In 2017, our church sent us on a six-month trip to Mae Sai, Thailand to see the work that God is doing in that area and to pray about whether or not the Lord would have us to partner in that ministry with the Williams Family. Our hearts were greatly affected as we saw the overwhelming need. As we prayed, God made it clear that He wanted us to return and that there was a specific need to reach the many Chinese people who have immigrated to the area in addition to sharing the gospel with the many others people groups who come in and out of that border town.

  • About Our Church

    Lehigh Valley Baptist Church has made it possible for us to see God’s work being fulfilled in our lives in many exciting ways throughout our lives. Benjamin has been a member of LVBC since 2002 and Alyssa became a member after they were married in 2013. We are truly grateful for our church and its vision to see this world reached with the gospel. We are the seventh missionary family to be sent from LVBC in addition to the churches that have been planted in our “Samaria”.

  • What is next?

    We are now raising support in order to return to Maesai, Thailand with the goal of planting New Testament churches among the people groups in Northern Thailand.

About Benjamin

Benjamin's Testimony of Salvation

My parents became followers of Christ a few years before I was born and their desire was that they would raise up a new generation of children who would put Christ first. I was born in the year 1986 and I am the first born of my family of seven. The Lord has truly blessed my life both physically and spiritually and I cannot thank the Lord enough for such incredible parents and an amazing church family. From my early growing up years I’ve been surrounded by those who’ve had a vision to reach this world with good news of Jesus Christ. My parents fostered the teaching by supporting our Pastor and the Word of God wholeheartedly. Standards were not up for debate; if the Bible said it, then my parents taught it. When I was only about 10 years old my parents began a journey to open my eyes and theirs to a world unaware of the Bible and its teachings. My parents at that time flew my younger sister Nina and I to the Czech Republic to meet with one of our missionary families. That trip was followed by trips to Nome, Alaska, Scotland, South Korea, Panama, and two trips to Thailand. God led me through these trips to begin and complete my training for ministry at Lehigh Valley Baptist Church after graduating from high-school. Though these international trips played a huge part in my life, God’s gift of music has also refined my life. Starting with the piano at age 8 I’ve since also learned the trumpet, mountain dulcimer, guitar, and ocarina. Needless to say, the Lord has tremendously used these instruments for many ministries because I’ve offered all my talents He has given to me back to Him. God has also gifted me with the some computer skills which have been used greatly in the video and TV ministries of my church, Lehigh Valley Baptist. While living at home with my parents during my training at Lehigh Valley Baptist Bible Institute I also taught myself the skills of video editing and had a nice small freelance business on the side creating videos. Little did I know how the Lord was preparing me for a specific purpose for future of my church. The Lord is continuing to develop me in many areas and I’ve been grateful to see the Lord’s hand directing me throughout my life as I’ve been yielded to Him. I am now married to an incredible woman, Alyssa, who also has a heart for the Lord and I am thankful for the teachings of scripture and the reinforcement from my Pastor and Parents to keep me on the straight and narrow path.

Alyssa’s Salvation Story

Alyssa's Testimony of Salvation

I’ve been blessed to live a life of many exciting experiences having been raised in a military family since the time of my birth in 1990. I have moved out of state seven different times, lived in five different states and one foreign country. Obviously with those changes came a lot of adventurous times and unique people. But the most exciting part of my life starts with my parents. When my brother and I were only a year old (we’re twins) my parents saw their need of a Saviour and accepted Jesus Christ. Immediately they began implementing God’s Word into parenting and strove to raise us in a way that would please the Lord. Not only were we taught the Bible daily but we were taught that serving the Lord was not just our duty but our JOY! At an early age we became active in ministries at each of the churches in the areas we were stationed. I praise the Lord for how he used my parents to guide me and teach me what God’s Word says to the point where I accepted Christ as my personal Saviour at the age of 12. I began to serve God, not because my parents told me I needed to, but because that was my heart’s desire. At an early age I became involved in music in every church we were in. I began piano lessons when I was 7 and at 13 I started playing consistently in church. It was then that I realized that the Lord could use me in so many ways if I dedicated my music to him. I enjoyed studying music (Piano and Voice) at Skagit Valley College to further that goal of using my music for the Lord in whatever way that He’ll use me. The other experience in my life that has been significant is the role of missions. A few years ago the Lord used a missions conference at Bible Baptist Church in Oak Harbor, WA to open my eyes to a need I had always considered beyond myself. The Lord began to show me that He could use me if only I allowed Him. I spent three months in the summer of 2011 serving with the Gaudets in Thailand and a month in the summer of 2012 traveling Mexico with the Martins. Both were wonderful experiences that drew me closer to the Lord and deepened my burden for the lost. Now I feel incredibly blessed to serve alongside Benjamin Hall, the most amazing man I’ve ever met whose desire to please God is so evident in his life. I love watching the ways the God makes himself real to us each day and how He grows our faith in new ways.