A New Year: A New Blog

This week marks the first week of February; the second month of 2015.  To say I’m astonished at how quickly this month has breezed by would be an understatement! The speeding train of the new year has taken off with me barely hanging on!  The first thing I think about as I say goodbye to January is the goals that I made for the year. It was a nice list. A reasonable list. A list that, if accomplished, would take me farther than I had gone in 2014. Was I motivated? You bet! Were you motivated when you made your list of goals? 😉

As challenging as it can be to stick to goals made at the new year, let’s not give up! We’re just starting a new month. (I’m finally getting to my point.) February: The new January! One of my goals for the year was to take blogging to a new level. You probably chuckle as you peruse this last year’s posts, few as they are. But as I sat making my goals for the year, I thought of how many times I have grown and learned in 2014 and never shared those things! So you’ll see some changing in the coming months here at benjaminalyssa.com. I, Alyssa, will be starting a new “blog within a blog” all my own that will be dedicated to things women, in particular, could benefit from reading.

I hope you’ll stay tuned for some exciting things ahead and keep your eyes open for the new blog, Each Step I Take!