A New View

Recently I’ve been working on my website www.BenH-Productions.com . I encountered a problem with a free video hosting company and frankly they didn’t want my videos on their website since it was promoting my services. It was kind of a bummer because I really liked their flash player. However, I understand their policy now after they explained it to me and removed all my videos immediately. 🙂 So I found that since most of my videos are under 10 minutes they can be put on YouTube Since I was already doing a bit of work to fix the video section. I decided to redesign the whole website. Kind of like a house cleaning project, but more like a website cleaning project. The other site really didn’t say much about me, it only showed what I did. So I decided, why not tell more about myself so they know who they are hiring. Most importantly it gives me the opportunity to share what the Lord has done in my life. I think it is just about done. You’ll notice that I also included my blog in the website also. 🙂 All my posts will be shared on the site through the RSS feed which I think is pretty cool 🙂 The website for my business www.benh-productions.com

Have a Great Day!